The Ditchfield Family Singers

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SARASOTA - It started out as a love story; boy singer meets girl singer, they get married, have 5 little singers, and the Ditchfield Family Singers are born.

The Ditchfield Family really started their career when the whole family got together to sing Christmas carols at a church pageant here on the Suncoast. They were such a hit, they were soon getting booking engagements all over the country.

And as the family grew, so did the singing group on stage. Now there are 3 generations on stage.  4 of the 5 Ditchfield adult kids are a part of the singing group, the wives of 2 of the sons, and the Ditchfield's 5 grandchildren.

They do Broadway show tunes, and lots of old favorites.

They are in great demand all over the country. But they still make Sarasota their home. Bernice acts as Business manager, Wardrobe Mistress, and the glue that holds the whole family together.

You can meet them in person and see them perform Sunday afternoon at 3 pm at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center on Palmer Ranch Parkway.