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Tennis pros and stars support those with down syndrome on the Suncoast

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Tennis players of all levels are meeting in one place for a good cause this Friday evening.

They'll be taking part in the 3rd Annual Tennis with the Stars.

It's an event to support and bring awareness to those with down syndrome on the Suncoast.

Tennis with the stars is hosted by Buddy Up Tennis, an organization that's been on the Suncost since 2015.

Allison Davis started the local chapter out of support for her triplet sister Sarah who is diagnosed with down syndrome.

Allison says she and her sister have been playing tennis since childhood.

"There was a time when Sarah and I would do everything together. We did dance classes and we did tennis. Then there came a point where our activities split a part", says Allison and Sarah.

The organization has been a way to bring the two back together while encouraging and empowering other people of all ages with down syndrome on the Suncoast.

Sarah and Allison says another important aspect of the the organization and today's event is fitness.

Sarah explains how fitness impacts how she and others with down syndrome play tennis.

" I feel like it's much better for me to run up to the net and get the ball over the net because it's much easier to feel like your getting fit", says Sarah.

"Many people with down syndrome do have slower metabolisms and challenges with coordination and balance", says Allison.

Both young ladies who are in college say today's event will help them raise money to continue hosting free clinics and also bring a summer program to the Suncoast.

"So $10,000 is our goal and we're looking to beat or exceed that", says Allison.

Tennis with the Stars starts Friday night at 6pm.

Anyone can join in for the fun at the Bath and Racquet Athletic Center.

" It's going to be a great event, Nick Bollettieri will be there as well as twelve tennis pros from all over the community", says Allison.

ABC 7 Co- Anchor of Good Morning Suncoast will be also be the Master of Ceremonies for today's event. 

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