Sarasota Opera presents: The Flying Dutchman

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SARASOTA, Fla. - For the first time in 14 years, in a stunning production, the Sarasota Opera presents "Flying Dutchman". And ABC 7’s Linda Carson got a sneak preview.

Two huge ships sail across the Sarasota Opera stage, and the Flying Dutchman has arrived.

"The Flying Dutchman is a wonderful story. It's full of intoxicating music by Wagner that pulls you into this story. It’s one of those operas that flies by; you’re drawn right into the heart of the drama," says stage director Tom Diamond.

The drama is based on the legend of a sailor who made a deal with the devil.

"He's put in purgatory, and every 7 years he's released for a day to see if he can find a woman who will marry him be faithful to him. And if she goes back on her word, he goes to that prison for 7 more years."

Meanwhile, on shore is Senta, the lovely daughter of Daland, the sea captain. "Senta has been dreaming about the Flying Dutchman all her life, so she's obsesses with saving this man," says Dara Hobbs, who plays Senta.

As her father returns home, his ship runs into a furious storm. "When we have to stop and drop anchor, the Flying Dutchman appears out of nowhere. He asks if he can spend the night,” says Harold Wilson, who plays Capt. Daland.

The Flying Dutchman goes home with the sea captain and meets the lovely Senta, who is determined to break his curse.

Of course we know in any opera by Wagner, rough seas lie ahead. "It’s an amazing piece, one of Wagner’s early operas...this one is under 3 hours, beautiful music"

"And so the Flying Dutchman comes sailing into the Sarasota Opera Saturday night. Come out and see who wins the epic battle between the devil and true love.