Event of the Week: Vaudeville

SARASOTA, Fla. -- With Easter and Passover happening this weekend, you may be looking for entertainment to please a wide range of tastes and age groups. Linda Carson has something that might just hit the bill.

A brand new show called "Vaudeville" will be a lot like the TV show America's Got Talent, according to founder Nicholas Mitsis. "America's Got Talent is a talent show with amateurs; Vaudeville is performers who have professional careers."

It'll be one act after the other, each very different from the last -- from a rock and roll singer to baritone Sean Anderson, a familiar face from the Sarasota Opera.

“We also have a solo…hip hop…a dog show, a hula hoop act."

Alex Wallenda of the famed Wallenda family will perform. "I am going to be one of the jugglers."

Dancer Robert Muraine, who soared to fame on TV will be here. "I started about 10 years ago in the streets of L.A., dancing, street performing…I’ve had a breakthrough on So You Think You Can Dance, and since then I've been working in shows all over the world."

Mitsis says this show marks the rebirth of classic Vaudeville entertainment. “Our intent is to put this show on the road...Broadway someday."

Vaudeville opens at the Sarasota Opera House Friday at 6pm, with a second show at 9pm and two shows on Saturday.