Event of the Week: The Function

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- The latest Event of the Week will be the perfect scene to let loose and have some fun this weekend. Aptly named, “The Function” is going to rock the Francis on Palm Avenue this Friday night.

The Function was put together by DJ Rus Deep and Jay Gordon, also known as DJ Imminent.

“You are going to be immersed in an experience that is unlike anything you've seen in Sarasota before,” assures DJ Imminent.

He and Rus Deep designed the function around their 3 favorite things: “We wanted to do an event focused on music art and fashion.”

They'll be the doing the DJing themselves, playing music will make you excited to get out on the floor and dance. “Fun, uplifting music—dance music, top 40, house music."

The evening will also include glow-in-the-dark yoga and live artists at work.

“We have a couple of wonderful local artists. Matt Holler is a photographer.”

You'll see them create unique art right before your eyes.

“We have two artists that are going to be painting live on canvas while we're dining, so they're going to be capturing the feel of the event of the night and the music we're playing,” Rus Deep explains. “And those two pieces are going to be up for auction at the end of the night."

And Ana Molinari’s boutique will present a very different kind of fashion show.

"It's going to be spontaneous. It’s going to be happening around you and we are going to have some surprises on the way for you."

These innovative DJs came up with the idea for the Function to bring something new and thrilling to the area while fulfilling their philanthropic goals.

“Part of our motivation for this whole event was finding something to do off-season for the locals, as well as give back to the community too."

“Being both young fathers, we wanted to do something involving children's charity,” says DJ Imminent.

The proceeds for this event go to Suncoast Charities for Children, an organization that helped around 8,000 special needs children and their families last year.

Lucy Nicandri of Suncoast Charities explained, “The money is going to stay right here for Suncoast Charities for Children. It'll help support area non-profits like Children First, the Florida Center Community Haven, Loveland Center and Special Olympics.”

This weekend before school starts is usually the quietest time of the year here on the Suncoast.

But on Friday night things will be swinging over at the Francis on Palm Ave. Come down and have a ball at The Function.