Event of the Week: Summer Circus Spectacular

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Our circus heritage and the Ringling Museum are two of the things that make the Suncoast such a great place to live. Elsewhere the heat of the summer forces other circus's to fold up their tents and take a break. But Circus Sarasota simply moves inside and presents its show in the beautiful Historic Asolo Theatre.

The Summer Circus Spectacular is our Event of the Week. It features a young man you may have seen on national TV on the show America's Got Talent.

He wowed the judges, just like he's wowing the audiences at the Historic Asolo Theatre.

Sarasota resident Christian Stoinev was a big hit on America's Got Talent with his hand balancing act. He blew them away when he balanced on one finger. "It's a pretty dangerous feat. Others did it years ago, but I don't think it's been done in a while, so I thought I'd bring that old school flavor back again. And I perform that here, so make sure you come to see it live.”

He moved on to the next round in America's Got Talent, and he hasn't even revealed one of the best parts of his act yet: his little dog Scooby.

Also from Sarasota is cube juggler Vladimir Kim. Although he lives here, he's never worked here before. "This is a first for me, just to go to work every day 10 minutes away from the house, because usually we go out on the road; you're going for 8 or 9 months -- sometimes more, sometimes less. You are out of state, you don't see home, and here I am home.”

He also comes from a circus family. "I'm 3rd generation; my grandparents were bear trainers and my parents were, too.”

Master of ceremonies 16-year-old Bailey Sloan also lives in Sarasota. Her circus roots go back 10 generations. She'll be a senior at Sarasota High School in the fall. "I've been in Circus Sarasota 7 years, and I've been with it ever since."

She plans to make a career in the circus, and this is her first professional job.

And clown Chris "Bucky" Allison puts a smile on everyone's face. “I like to involve the audience, bring a couple of kids up on stage with me. I combine skills with comedy with audience participation. It's a home run in the clown biz, ma’am."

Sarasota's Queen of the Air, Dolly Jacobs, flies to new music with a new costume, and Vldaimir and Olga Smirnov's quick-change act will mystify and amaze you. How do they do that? "A lot of practice…practice and practice again."

See if you can figure it out.

The Summer Circus Spectacular runs through August 2nd. Juggle your schedule and get there. You'll find you can do things you never dreamed of.