Event of the Week: Sarasota Mystic Faire

SARASOTA, Fla. -- The 4th Annual Mystic Faire is one of the most popular events of the year, where one can buy objects to bring you luck, have someone tell you your fortune, and meet someone who swears she speaks to those on the other side.

The Sarasota Mystic Faire is the largest faire of this type in Southwest Florida. Faire organizer Candy Stafford, also a medium and a psychic, says the reason the Mystic Faire is so popular is that it fills a need. "We're providing an opportunity, a venue that feels comfortable and safe for the public to come in, meet psychics and mediums, readings, healings all under one roof."

And what will you find at the faire? "There will be mediums -- myself included. There will be psychics doing palm readings, there is also an artist that does portraits from the other side.”

The event is two days long this year, instead of one. Last year people had to stand in line hours to see some of the most popular psychics and mediums. Expanding to two days this year should do away with those lines.

Candy is one of the most popular mediums. Yes, she says she talks to dead people. "I do talk to the other side. I talk to family members or friends who have crossed over, and a lot of healing takes place with the communition, and it is specific communication, so it really is helpful to those who are left behind."

She's also a psychic. The main question people ask? "A lot of people want to know about their love life."

There'll also be vendors, like a company called Elements of Earth. "Different stones work different ways; crystals have different energies that relates to your body in different ways. Each stone has different psychic properties,” says owner Katy Young.

There'll also be free lectures both days. One by Elements of Earth will be about crystals and other metaphysical stones.

They say the amethyst cathedral brings energy and love into your life, and a crystal ball can be a window into the future. “It's not the ball itself, it’s more of the psychic ability of the person. What it helps is to focus the energy of your mind into a specific place, and because of that energy you can see past and present."

Want to know what the future holds? Come to the Mystic Faire at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium on Saturday and Sunday.