Event of the Week: Sarasota Medieval Fair

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SARASOTA, Fla. - The purpose of the Sarasota Medieval Fair is to entertain and educate. Each year the fair tells the story of a famous battle. This year, it's 1346, in merry ole' England.

This is a history lesson acted out by knights in shinning armor on horse back as they joust with villains.  Professional jouster, Bryan Beard, says it's about more than trying to destroy your opponent, it's about chivalry, about good winning out over evil.

But he says the jousting, the sword fights, the human chess games are just as dangerous as they look.

There will be lots of other comedy and musical acts on various stages around the Fair, and of course the popular medieval food, turkey legs, and beer.

The Medieval Fair open for the next 3 weekends on Saturday and Sunday.

Opening day is Saturday , Nov9th at 10 am.