Event of the Week: Sarasota County Fair

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SARASOTA, Fla. - This is the last weekend for 78th Sarasota County Agricultural Fair, and it's our Event of the Week. This year there are more than 55 rides -- everything from a live camel to a 150-foot straight down drop, and some awesome shows that have everybody talking.

The motocross team FMX Daredevils will take your breath away. Performer Ed Rossi has been doing this 15 years; that’s why he can make even the most difficult stunts look easy. "I've practiced thousands of black flips…I never give up."

And what they do -- as amazing as it is -- are just a small part of the Sarasota County Fair. There are the 4-H Club livestock shows and agricultural competitions, animal acts, and fair food. And more than a dozen stage shows.

For the past 24 years, Ron Diamand’s show has been one of the favorites. "It's a nice little family magic show...laughing right out of their seats.”

And for the first time this year, you can buy an armband every day that allows you to ride all the mechanical rides as often as you'd like -- a real bargain.\

The fair’s final day is Sunday. For more information, visit sarasotafair.com.