Event of the Week: Sarasota Chalk Festival

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Our Event of the Week is the Sarasota Chalk Festival. Some 500 artists from 28 countries and almost every state will be creating works of art in chalk, using the street as their canvas.

Some of the artists who're creating the really big pieces of art work started today. The event runs thru next Monday.

The theme last year was "Circus". This year, it' "Legacy of Valor". It's in the Burns Court area, along Pineapple Avenue. If you'd like to create your own work of art, you're invited to participate, but you need to give them a call, and get an assigned space.

Admission is free, and you're invited to come by each day and watch the artists as their creations come alive. Many will be interactive and 3-D, so be sure and bring along your camera, you'll be amazed at what you get.