Event of the Week: Florida Studio Theatre Summer Season

SARASOTA, Fla. -- During the season, every weekend is packed full of plays, festivals and concerts. Then comes summer, and most of those venues close down. But the Florida Studio Theatre is going strong this summer, and they've got a wide variety of shows to choose from.

Now playing on the FST summer main stage: Pump Boys and Dinettes.

It was cast in New York. T. Scott Ross plays Jackson. "The play takes place in a gas station and a diner that are across from highway 57. So it's just a small town, middle of nowhere, North Caroline."

Ben Mackel plays the MC. "I grew up in North Carolina, so this rings true to me. And I just love the feeling that awesome characters that are up here get to share with the audience, and spread their ‘good ole boy’ relaxed attitude into the world.”

It's actually a musical. "It's country folk music…we all play the instruments."

For many people it'll bring back a lot of memories. "Of fishing and going to diners and having people you know at the gas station actually pumping gas for you."

Those were the good ole days; a great place to escape to on a hot summer night. "It'll leave you smiling and tapping your feet when you leave the theatre."

Also now playing at FST: At The Hop with The Alley Cats in the cabaret. And The Improv is also in full swing.

Becoming Dr. Ruth, the story of America's favorite sex therapist opens on the main stage June 25th. Susan Greenhill plays Dr. Ruth. "She's had an amazing life, the things she's gone through, the things she recovered from and gone on to help so many people."

Who knew Dr. Ruth was once a sniper? "She shot people in Palestine as a sniper in the Jewish Army called the Hoginfof.”

Becoming Dr. Ruth runs through July 27th.

Three different shows on three different stages at the Florida Studio Theatre right now, with four more shows and an improv festival waiting in the wings for next month. It's going to be a great summer at FST.