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Event of the Week: Fabulous Independent Film Festival

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Our Event of the Week is the 4th annual Fabulous Independent Film Festival. It brings unique independent films to town that you definitely haven't seen before.

They come from filmmakers all over the world, all with themes or stories that are of special interest to the GLBT community.

Festival founder Magida Diouri is thrilled with the line-up of films the festival has to offer. "We have 16 films altogether; 9 feature-length, and 7 shorts. The shorts will be in front of the feature lengths."

Three of the films are documentaries, and there are three coming of age films

A dance party kicks off the festival Friday night. "It's going to be insane. We've got two of the hottest DJ’s – myself, and my co-partner in crime DJ Greg Anderson from Tampa. We're going to tear it up and have a great time," says Ronnie Barnette of Throb Night Club, 2201 Industrial Boulevard.

The Harvey Milk Festival is a partner in the Fabulous Independent Film Festival. They say this is your chance to enjoy something totally different from the movies at your local theatre. "These are more unusual. They are more focused on LBGT issues and it's unique. You won’t see them on Netflix or Hollywood 20," says Turner Moore of the Harvey Milk Festival.

And Diouri says behind the fun and the films, the festival has an important message. "That it's okay to be different, and people accept that it's all right. We don't have to be all the same."

The festival will be held at Burns Court Cinema this Friday through Sunday.