Event of the Week -- Hero: The Musical

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Now that tourist season is over, the roads and restaurants are less crowded, and it's a great time to enjoy some of the great things the Suncoast has to offer. Our Event of the Week is Hero: The Musical.

It opens Friday night at the Asolo Rep, and ABC 7 is proud to be a sponsor. It's fun, it's entertaining, and it might just inspire you to find the hero in others and within yourself.

The musical is about an average guy who had to give up his dream of being an artist to run a comic book store. "To deal with his mundane life and to deal with mother, he draws the world around him to be more fantastical and more superhero-like," says Brian Sears, who plays Hero.

But as the show develops, he learns true heroes are not all in comic books.

The songs and music help tell the story. The show's lyricist and composer Michael Mahler is thrilled with the way the story and the music melt together. "I'm really proud of the score. There are a lot of different kinds of songs in the show; there are rock and roll songs, it's like a rock musical at heart, but then it goes to there's a disco, there are some really pretty acoustic ballads."

Laurie Veldheer plays Hero's ex-girl Jane. "I think the music is some of the best stuff I've heard in my life."

Jane is just an ordinary person; she doesn't have super powers. "But she's able to inspire in him a way to start living life again and deal with the issues that he has."

And the technology is as super as the heroes. "This is easily the most technically advanced show I've ever done here, or in New York, anywhere…it is outrageous."

The revolving stage has 3 sets, with other sets sliding in and out from all directions. “We're constantly thinking about our words, but how not to get our heads chopped off as the stage revolves this way."

Hero: The Musical is a great night of entertainment. "The show itself is a totally original piece. There's so much humor and so much laughter and so many amazing people and characters, but there's also a lot of heart.”

And a great message. "The message is, there are superheroes all around us. They don't wear capes, they don't wear a mask, but they help us to do better and to be better human beings."

Hero: The Musical opens at the Asolo Rep Friday night, and runs through June 1st.