Suncoast Scene - The Fun Events for the Weekend

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Here are some great entertainment options to check out on the Suncoast this weekend.

The Main Sstage at the Venice Theatre transforms into a magical wonderland, in the play "Once On This Island". It is now playing and it'll be at the Venice Theatre thru Sunday, May 21st.

Actor Nethaneel Williams says, "It's a Carribean retelling of the little mermaid story originally written by Hans Christian Anderson. This version follows a little girl name Tu Moune on her journey to find love , and all the obstacles that get in her way."

DaNiesha Carr plays Tu Moune.

DaNiesha says, "She's an orphan and she falls in love with a rich person from the island and their two worlds are never allowed to mix.

So it's all about how she deals with that love and how it affects her. "

The author of this story, Rosa Guy, set the story in her native Haiti.

Kristofer Geddie plays one of the gods of the island,

Actor Kristofer Geddie, who plays one of the gods of the island, The Demon of Death, says, "In Haiti voodoo is so prevalant , Rosa Guy decided to add the gods and Papa Gay is a conglobation of a few of the gods in Haiti literature and religion. He's the god of death and fertility. "

Aand this weekend is also the first ever St. Armands Sea Food and Music Festival . Two days of great food and some of the best live bands on the Suncoast.

Bands like "Twinkle and Soul Rock Radio" and "Jah Movement", and many more will perform.

And its show time at the Players Center in Sarasota. The Players kids, 38 kids ages 8 to 17, will take the stage and entertain us.

Musical Director Berry Ayers says, "We are doing the "Lion King Jr.", based on the full Broadway Show, but a shorter version, especially for young performers. It's this Saturday and Sunday, May 20 and 21 at the Players Center."

Players Co-Director, Alyssa Goudy says, "These kids are incredible. They are artists. One thing we got to explore with "Lion King Jr. " , you can't move like a human, you gotta move like an animal. So the kids are learning modern and African dance techniques, along with Jazz."

And the brand new "Sarasota Festival of Vocal Arts" is making it's first appearance ever at the Asolo Rep this weekend.

Co-Founder and Production Manager, Carol Sparrow says, "The Sarasota Festival of Vocal Arts was the brain child of ours, my husband, Randolph Locke and I, to present works primarily in English or in English translation."

There are two entirely different shows Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 in the Cook Theatre at the Asolo Rep. You'll be out by 9 pm