Suncoast Scene - fun events for the weekend

SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Here's Suncoast Scene , the fun things coming up for the weekend. The Sarasota Opera opens it's 4th Opera of the season, "Tiefland" Saturday night.

Artistic Director and Principal Director of the Sarasota Opera, Victor DeRenzi says, "The story is extremely compelling. It is the story of real life, about common people

and their suffering. And how they deal with their issues and also the music is extremely romantic."

It's about a rich man who force ably takes a young woman as his mistress, then wants to dump her on somebody else so he can marry a rich woman.

"Tiefland" has only been staged in this country twice before, so no matter how many operas you've seen you've probably never seen this on, and even if you have you've never staged like this before.

And the Broadway show 'Baby" is at the Manatee Performing Arts Center.

Choreographer and director Kelly Burnette says, "It tells the story of 3 couples, an unmarried college couple , and established couple and an older couple.who find out they are having a baby." And it's up up and away as the Hot Air Balloon Festival lands at Premier Sports Campus in Lakewood Ranch. It's now thru Sunday.

Also now thru Sunday, the 90th Annual Arcadia All Florida Championship Rodeo at the new Mozaic Arena. And don't miss the 41st annual Real Rail Model Train Expo.

Its at the Bradenton Area Convention Center Saturday and Sunday.