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Stefani Schuetz - An Amazing Suncoast Woman

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Stefani Schuetz is an Amazing Suncoast Woman who has loved the outdoor lifestyle and been involved in fitness since she was in high school.

"I taught spin classes and I taught all these fitness classes. I was basically an aerobics instructor," says Schuetz.

Then she studied radiology and became an x-ray technician.

She says, "I worked in the trauma center. I loved it, There were always a lot of exciting things happening. "

That's where she met her husband.

"He was the Trauma Center Doctor and I was taking the x-rays and that was how we met , at work" she recalls. 

They married and had a child, and she continued training.

"I was always training for triathlons. I started when I was 18, training for triathlons. My biggest goal was to do an iron man competition, which is the 140.6 miles" said Schuetz.

Then, while training with her sister, her life changed.

"I was running in front of her and she said, 'you have something on back of your leg. I think you have a bug on you.' I touched it and said that's weird. It's a mole."

She went to a dermatologist and discovered she had melanoma at just 25- years-old.

She says, "What a lot of people don't know about melanoma is it's the number one cancer killer of women my age."

She had immediate surgery for stage two melanoma. That was four years ago and she still lives with the fear that it will return.

She says, "The thing about melanoma is , it will come back in places like the liver or the lungs or the brain, which are not high survival rates."

Despite the fear, she's determined to live her life. She and her husband had a second child, and she still trains for triathlons.

Along the way, she couldn't clothing that offered full protection from the sun, so she created a line of sun protective clothing called "Tri Sirena Apparel."

She says, "Everything in our performance section is spf 50. We just launched a full coverage outfit. It goes from the neck with long sleeves and the pants go all the way to the ankles. It's a very comfortable cooling material, and very flattering. "

The melanoma taught her that life is fragile and gave her a mission to educate people about it. 

To learn more about Stefani's story and to find out how out can get these amazing products visit her website.