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In The Spotlight: Selby Gardens' "Lights In Bloom"

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On Friday night with the flip of a switch, Selby gardens will burst into glorious holiday splendor, signaling the beginning of the 13th annual 'Lights in Bloom'.

"All of the property is lit up for 13 nights; you can bring the family and if you don't have a kid bring a kid or just be a kid at heart."

'Lights in Bloom' runs through December 23. It goes dark for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but lights back up again on December 26 and runs through December 30.

There's tropical holiday fun for the kids and even a magical tunnel to walk through. Santa Claus will be at the gardens until December 23.

'Lights in Bloom' starts Friday, Dec. 16- Dec. 23, Dec. 26- Dec. 30.