Field trip to the Myakka State Park area

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MYAKKA, Fla. -- Botanists from Marie Selby Botanical Gardens are conducting a botanical inventory for Sarasota County Government at the Carlton Ranch Fee Parcel, a 4,746-acre land parcel just east of Myakka State Park purchased in 2007 as part of the environmentally sensitive lands program. The program is designed to conserve wild, green spaces as well as for flood control and preservation of drinking water resources.

This inventory will create a record, along with GPS coordinates, of all the plants -- native, invasive, exotic or rare -- that call this parcel of publicly-owned land “home.” The documentation will aid County land managers in determining where and if future roads, fire breaks or recreational activities may ultimately be added to the property.

The team began explorations in May and will work until early fall to complete all 13 expeditions the study requires.

For more complete details about this research expedition and other regional studies, visit Selby's Research & Conservation Projects page or the Tropical Dispatch.