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Sarasota Red Cross Sends More Volunteers Up North While Other Organizations Say They're on Standby

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SARASOTA COUNTY, FL (WWSB)- At home, local organizations are sending help to areas affected by Hurricane Florence.

Friday, the Red Cross deployed some volunteers and the Salvation Army said they have people on standby.

Fran Abilock and her husband packed up the Red Cross emergency vehicle and headed off to Macon, Georgia, not knowing when they'll return.

But they aren't strangers to this procedure, having volunteered for over 15 years.

"I don't have a whole lot of money to donate, but I do have time so we go out as often as we can," Abilock said.

With the van they will provide mobile feeding.

"We'll get hundreds of hot meals from a kitchen and then drive them through the neighborhoods or to a shelter or to a center where this often times is the first hot meal that people have gotten," said Abilock.

And the satisfaction from helping others keeps them coming back for more.

"to see the smile on a child's face, to  see that adult who hasn't eaten and just god bless you for bringing food to us," Abilock said.

The Red Cross isn't the only Sarasota organization sending help.

The Salvation Army said two captains are on call to be deployed to help along with gear.

"We have two mobile feeding kitchen in our community and so one is already pending deployment in the next few days and one is on standby," said Sarasota Salvation Army Major, Chuck Whiten.

He said they plan to be there well after the storm hits.

"We're there before, during, and after those kind of events and we will be there for the long haul to serve the communities and to meet the needs," Major Whiten said.

Both the Salvation Army and the Red Cross say two ways people can help at home is by donating money to the organizations or by volunteering their time.

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