Sanctuary provides a home to neglected horses

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. - Robin Cain founded the Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary back in 2007 when she saw how many horses were being abandoned, neglected and abused.

It  is a 23-acre pasture with a barn in East Sarasota County near the Hardee County line, where the rescued horses come to live out their days with plenty of food, water, vet care and peace and tranquility.

“We don't take in retirement horses or when people want to get a new horse...we don't do that. Mostly they are in danger of dying if we don't take them," says founder Robin Cain.

"I feel like I've contributed to the lives of these horses. Many wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for the work we do here…so it's very rewarding," says volunteer Diane Tait.

It costs about $55,000 a year to care for the 30 horses that are now at the sanctuary. These expenses are paid through donations.