10/8/12 - Pumpkin Bread French Toast

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Makes 4 servings


1 loaf Day-Old Pumpkin Bread

4 Eggs

1 C ½ and ½

1 tsp Vanilla extract

6 Tbsp Maple Syrup (Grade A Dark Amber)

¾ C Crème Fraiche

1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

¾ Cup Powdered sugar


Prepare the batter by whisking eggs, ½ and ½ , vanilla and 2 Tablespoons of the maple syrup. In a separate bowl, fold the remaining syrup into the crème fraiche and set aside.

Slice the pumpkin bread and soak briefly in the egg batter. Cook the french toast in a saute pan or griddle on medium or medium-low heat, turning once.

Serve the warm french toast with the crème fraiche. Top with a combination of the cinnamon and powdered sugar.