4/4/13 - Stone Crab and Caviar

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Stone Crab and Caviar

• 5 knuckles of stone crab meat

• Place a small dollop of crème fraiche on top of each knuckle

• Place a little caviar on top of that and add one drop of lemon

• Garnish with arugula

Makes 5 pieces

Bottarga Toast

• Slice thin rounds of bread

• Lightly brush with EVOO

• Grill or toast

• Dust with bottarga – ½ oz.

Makes 2 pieces

Salmon Belly Crudo

• Dice salmon belly

• Add olive oil salt and pepper

• Place on toast round

• Add crème fraiche – 1 tsp.

• Dollop of caviar

• 3 drops of lemon

• Dust with crisp salmon skin

Makes 2-3 pieces

Pair any of these delicious items with either the Lola Pinot Noir or Lola Chardonnay.

To purchase Caviar or Bottarga: 

Anna Maria Fish Company