11/9/12 - Perfect holiday Culinary gift idea

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Log on to www.Honolulufishcompany and order them Ahi tuna straight from the Hawaiian waters. It cuts like butter ---is incredibly priced this week at $25.00/pound- 4 pound minimum and your eating with kick off the holiday season.

I diced about 1/3 of the Ahi and tossed with a splash of low sodium ginger, toasted pure sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and a touch of Himalayan sea salt- (another great foodie gift). Add cilantro and chopped scallions and enjoy

Serve in lettuce cups –delicious and you will be the hit of any gifting this season.


HONOLULU (Oct. 12, 2012) - - - Give the gift of sustainable fish this holiday season with Honolulu Fish Company’s new Holiday Ahi Sashimi Gift Set. Each gift set includes four pounds of deep ruby red, sashimi-grade ahi, which is versatile in the kitchen and known for its high oil content and buttery flavor. The ahi are from the beautiful, nutrient-rich Hawaiian waters and are caught using eco-friendly fishing methods. The gift sets are sent using the company’s award-winning packaging system, which guarantees the fish will stay ice cold for several days while inside the shipping box. The gift sets can be sent anywhere in the United States overnight, meaning that the fish goes from the ocean to its final destination in 24 hours or less. The cost is $100 per gift set, including tax and overnight shipping. For more information, call 888-475-6244.

“Our new gift sets are a great way to treat your favorite foodie to the best Hawaiian ahi available,” said Honolulu Fish Company founder, president and ceo Wayne Samiere. “Plus, since we overnight our fish to ensure it’s the freshest on the market, the gift sets are perfect for last minute shoppers.”

About Honolulu Fish Company

Honolulu Fish Company is a top seafood distributor that offers more than 30 varieties of eco-friendly Pacific water fish to 2,000+ customers, including several five star chefs across the country. The company purchases, packages and prepares its fresh product to arrive within 18-24 hours. For more information, visit www.honolulufish.com or call 808-833-1123.