5/13/13 - Honey Lime Seared Shrimp

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Honey                                     1 tablespoon

Lime Juice                              2 each

White Wine                            ¼ cup


Pecans                                                2 tablespoon, toasted pieces

Shallots                                   2 each, thin sliced circles (reserve one for fried garnish)

Garlic                                      1 clove

Extra Virgin Olive Oil                        2 oz.

Lime                                        1 oz.

Salt                                          a/n


Napa Cabbage                       ¼ head, sliced thin

Spinach                                   1 cup, (loose)

Red Bell Pepper                    ¼ cup, julienne

Cilantro                                  ¼ cup, nice sprigs

Avocado                                 1 each


Oil                                            1 teaspoon

Shrimp- 26/30                      8 each, p&d and split cut                 






  1. Combine honey, lime juice (2 each), and white wine in a saucepan and reduce by half. Cool and reserve.
  2. Toast the pecan pieces until light brown and then cool. Warm the 2 oz. of oil together with the sliced shallots and garlic clove until vegetables are soft. Cool.
  3. In a blender, process all vinaigrette ingredients: Pecan, Shallot, Garlic, Oil, Lime Juice. Salt as needed. Reserve.
  4. In a hot sauté pan, place seasoned shrimp and a bit of oil in pan and cook half way. Deglaze with lime/honey reduction to finish.
  5. Place salad ingredients (except avocado) in a mixing bowl and toss with vinaigrette. Portion the salad onto 4 plates and top with shrimp. Cut the avocado in 4 pieces and place on plates (fan cut).

**Optional: A great garnish would be to flour and fry one of the thinly sliced shallots. Season and place on top of salad for crunchy texture.