Recent study names US-41 second most dangerous nationwide

SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - A recent study named Florida's US-41 as the second most dangerous road in the country, according to a fleet management company in Canada.

After collecting 10 years of traffic data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Geotab showed US-41 was only outnumbered by another Florida road, US-1, in most dangerous roads. 

US-1 had 1,011 fatal crashes in the last decade, while US-41 had 714.

"That was a big shock to me," said Michele Dicke, a Sarasota local. 

"I am surprised, but with all of the Snow Birds and Spring Break going on I can understand it, I drive 41 everyday, agreed Shari Rosploch, another local.

For this exact reason, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Kenn Watson said travelers should be extra cautious during season. 

"This time of year not only do you have your Snow Birds, but you also have your 'Spring Breakers,' Trooper Watson explained. "So now I have senior drivers down here, I also have very young drivers down here. That can be a very dangerous combination."

The Florida Highway Patrol said there's an ongoing effort to get drivers to slow down and pay attention.

"Not only are we rushing to our destination, we're also multitasking while we're operating our motor vehicle and this is something that the Florida Highway Patrol wants you to cease doing," Watson said. "We want to try to educate as many people as we can and try to convince them that the most important thing that you're doing while behind the wheel is getting to that destination safely."

Trooper Watson said there are ways drivers can protect themselves on these dangerous roads and that includes defensive driving. 

"Good situational awareness, and have that spatial orientation," Trooper Watson explained. '"Know who's beside you, who's behind you, use your mirrors and that way everyone around you, everyone in your vehicle, will safely make it to the destination."

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