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Protesters rally for red tide awareness

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - As red tide continues to impact the Suncoast, a small group of protesters gathered Sunday in Downtown Sarasota, looking to raise awareness about the ongoing issue.

Gathering at Marina Jacks, the group waved signs and called for more research into red tide and environmental protections.

Joseph Kirshmer, a protester, said one way people can do that is to use their right to vote.

"We really hope that a lot of politicians see this and I hope that voters see this as well and try to vote smart in the upcoming elections," said Kirshmer. "This is close to my heart because I try to start my day with a run on Siesta Key beach and I can't do that anymore; its the middle of the Summer and I can't go to the beach which is unheard of."

Another way protesters say they hope to make a difference is by asking people to respect fertilizer regulations and make sure you are using a fertilizer that doesn't have a negative impact on our local waterways.

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