Nancy Arambasick - An Amazing Suncoast Woman

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Nancy Arambasick is an Amazing Suncoast Woman. You would never guess the vivacious Director of Volunteers at Doctors Hospital has had to overcome great challenges in her life.

The Johnstown, Pennsylvania native has been a nurse for 41 years. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1976, and became a staff nurse in a Pennsylvania community hospital. In 1989 she followed her parents when they moved from Pennsylvania to Sarasota.

She worked at several health care facilities here, and she says, "I was fortunate enough to meet the love of my life in Englewood. We got married and in 2002 we moved to Nashville."

Her husband was a teacher and musician, and they decided he should pursue the music business in Nashville..

And then she was presented with a great opportunity. She was asked to become the administrator at a rehab hospital in El Paso,Texas.

While there she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She says,

"Going thru surgery and treatment was very hard. We had a pediatric cancer ward in the hospital where I was administrator, And those young patients helped me make it thru those difficult days."

She says they were happy and smiling and they were her inspiration.

She and her husband decided to return to Sarasota. She's find now, and loves her job as Director of Volunteers at Doctors..

"We have 250 adult volunteers and during the summer we add 30 teens. The ages of volunteers range from 15 to 97."

They perform a wide variety of jobs in the hospital.

She says their volunteer work helps the patients, and also helps them.

"Statistics show when you volunteer, you improve your social life, meet new friends, develop new skills, and it actually increases you mortality. You live longer."

During Hurricane Irma, Nancy was in charge of a shelter at Doctors Hospital for the families of staff members who were working in the hospital during the storm.

She felt the shelter was very important, because it allowed the nurses, and doctors and other staff to run the hospital, while knowing their families were safe.

"We had close to 450 family members as well as pets. We had dogs and cats and turtles and birds."

And Nancy was thrilled to provide for them food, shelter, and a comfortable safe haven during the storm

And her life lesson.

"My life lesson is follow golden rule. Do unto others as you would have done unto your self. And care and care and care about others."

Nancy is recruiting new volunteers for Doctors Hospital. You can learn more at a free event called "Sail into a New Adventure, Volunteer at Doctors Hospital." It's Monday, October 9th from 10 to 2 pm.

For more information you can call 342-1007.