MOTE Marine may have found a solution to killing red tide

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BOCA GRANDE (WWSB) - As the entire Southwest coast of Florida continues to battle with red tide, MOTE Marine Laboratory is testing something new that they believe may be the solution to getting rid of it.

They put it to the test this week in a Boca Grande canal after testing it out for months in their lab right here in Sarasota. It's a machine that uses an ozone treatment system to kill red tide cells that are in high concentration.

It processes almost 300 gallons of water per minute by breaking down the toxin-infested water, injecting it with ozone and then pumping out clean water.

"It looks like there is some great process there, so I think it'll be a combination of physical, chemical technologies using innovative technologies and using some of mother nature's own, natural approaches to this, but doing it in a more targeted and efficient way,” explained MOTE’s President and CEO, Dr. Michael Crosby, “I think there is great hope on the horizon we just need to keep moving forward, and science and technology are going to help us achieve the answer in the response that we need for red tide."

The testing process will last three to four days, and MOTE Marine will be giving us an update on the results next week.

This comes as Governor Rick declared a state of emergency in seven counties issuing $100,000 be given to MOTE Marine Laboratory, $500,000 be given to VISIT Florida, and $900,000 be given to Lee County for clean-up efforts.

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