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Local Organization Provides Large Homes to Foster Parents, Allowing Siblings to Stay Together

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PALMETTO, FL (WWSB)- Last year over 700 children were removed from their home in our region, and each month more than 1,000 children were in and out of foster homes.

A local organization is building homes for foster parents, allowing enough space for them to take in siblings.

The organization, Guardian Angels of Southwest Florida, has nine acres of land where they plan to have nine homes where foster families can live. So far there is three homes built and construction to build the fourth home is underway.

"There's a lot of children out there that don't have the loving home or the care that they deserve and need, so if we can provide that as a couple why not help others in that situation," said foster parent Daphne Roman.

Roman said her and her husband have been foster parents for the past year. She said ever since she was young she felt like this was her calling. And through the Guardian Angels of Southwest Florida program, she said she's able to help more kids.

"We used to live in a two bedroom apartment and we kind of ran out of space because we wanted to always take siblings because we didn't want them to separate.So in here having a six bedroom home it has been great because we can take two or three sets of siblings," Roman said.

Bobbie Price, who is the President of Guardian Angels of SWFL said providing large homes to foster families is vital.

"So often when children come into care, there's not room for that many when they're in a home. Maybe two, three , or four, maybe a foster home can take two. But having to separate a family of three, four, or five is just so heartbreaking. So our goal was to be able to keep sibling groups together and facility out here, this campus has enabled us to do that," said Price.

Price said the homes are built from donations from the public and they cover the rent and provide furniture and other home essentials for the parents. All they ask is for the foster parents to provide a Christian home where children can see what a stable family looks like.

"So often they don't have the guidance that they need from both parents so we want to put a picture and maybe end that cycle of foster care," said Price.

And by creating a cul de sac where every home is going through the same situation, it provides a supportive environment.

"These three families that are here can support each other, their children are going through some of the same things all together the parents can talk about it together, the children can talk about it together, they can play together, it's just a comfortable surrounding for them to be in," Price said.

Guardian Angels said the fourth home should be completed in six months and they say they are currently looking into the permits to start building the fifth home.

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