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Local Couple Starts New Non-Profit To Help Veterans With PTSD

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB)- One local couple is trying to help those with PTSD through their new nonprofit, Operation Warrior Resolution.

The organization focuses on treating veterans through Rapid Resolution Therapy.

"I was having major issues just with controlling metabolism, sleeping, I just had anxiety constantly I just had like this tight ball and it would be completely unreasonable," Said Mike, a U.S. Army veteran.

Mike, along with many other US military veterans, suffers from PTSD.

Today, he is getting some relief, and credits something called Rapid Resolution Therapy.

"It's just living and feeling normal again and it's just that  I belong within the human race again, that I'm able to see things with clarity compared to the dark cloud that was carrying me around for years,"Mike said.

Rapid Resolution Therapy, or RRT, uses a variety of techniques -- like hypnosis -- to peel away negative or destructive emotions and thoughts, and replace them with positive alternatives.

Kendra Simpkins is President and Co founder of Operation Warrior Resolution and a US Army veteran herself.

She said RRT helps the brain process the traumatic event to make it feel like you are no longer living it.

"They can come into session and say well okay I can meet once, and even one time can provide a significant result and they don't have to describe events in detail, they actually don't even have to experience emotions because if they're in it experiencing it, then we're not clearing it," Said Simpkins.

She said she wants to give other veterans the opportunity to cure their PTSD without having to use medication, "We want to provide free treatment that's actually effective and useful for veterans."

Mike said he can now enjoy things he used to before he went to war.

"On July 4th this year, I was at a party where they were lighting off big fireworks and I was standing 15 feet from where those were being lit off and it didn't even interrupt the conversation I was having with somebody. It didn't even bother me at all," Said Mike.

Along with providing free therapy, the nonprofit will also have three free retreats for veterans where they will incorporate treatments such as yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

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