The Accidental Housewife: Tips We "Love" for Getting Rid of the Stains

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Love is in the air! So whether it’s your first date, love of your life, or you are amongst the six million who got engaged last year, according to an American Express Survey (which was up more then two million from 2012!), Valentine’s Day is upon us! And, with it comes its trademark stains unlike love we don’t want them to last.

So here are a few simple ways to deal with Cupid’s most common stains.

CHOCOLATE: As Forest Gump said so eloquently, “I’m not a smart man . . . but I know what love is.” He also said that his momma believed “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” So now that your sweetie’s satisfied your sweet tooth and you’ve consumed a whole heart shaped box of love -- i.e. chocolates -- you also got what you didn’t expect: a glob on that sexy white silk blouse. Grab a bottle clear hand sanitizer, squeeze some on and dab out the stain with a towel or micro-fiber cloth.

STRAWBERRIES: Nothing says “I Love You” like chocolate covered strawberries; but no one likes a strawberry stain. Remove any excess strawberry from the article of clothing with a spoon or knife, then as you're touching up your doo, take aim with your aerosol can of hairspray and spritz the stain to remove.

RED WINE: Place a clean cloth behind the stain to prevent spreading/bleeding. If you spill some red wine, switch to champagne pronto, which is a bit more romantic and easy to clean! Meanwhile, run some cool water through the stain, sprinkle salt on it to help lift it, and finish with white wine.

CHAMPAGNE: Place a clean cloth behind stain to prevent spreading/bleeding. Blot away excess. Sponge with cool water. Mix a little liquid dish soap with lukewarm water. Dam never rub and rinse with warm water. Put a lil champagne carbonation will help lift stain.

LIPSTICK: With all that lip locking, there is bound to be some lipstick ending up on your man’s collar. Don’t regret those kisses, put a dollop of non-gel shaving cream on those hot lip marks, dab and rinse with club soda or water. Feel free to continue but consider going with clear gloss or ‘au natural’!

SWEAT STAINS: As I shared, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to ‘pop’ the big question, as in ‘will you marry me’ (which if you click on those words you’ll see some fun ways to propose!). But, alas, your nerves from popping the big question or being the one being proposed to can cause one to sweat and cause that lovely yellow staining. Here’s an easy RX! Just get out a big bowl, pour in enough warm water to cover the stain, and hand crush 2-6 aspirin tablets into the bowl. Once dissolved, put your white machine washable dress or tee shirt into it and let sit 2-4 hours. Then launder par usual. No problem if you get distracted calling all your loved ones to announce the big news just leave it overnight!