The Accidental Housewife: Decorate using the color of the year

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Pantone announced a while back that the color of the year is Radiant Orchid. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, since it’s a beautiful blend of purple, fuchsia and pink (my personal fave!).

The color inspires confidence, and most importantly, joy, love and health. So with spring in the air this week, I'm going to share some easy, inexpensive ways to bring it on home!


Update a room you’ve been thinking of refreshing with this bold happy color.

Test: Try a paint swatch before you commit! Most paint companies now offer samples of their most popular colors, but you can also ask your paint store to mix up a pint sized can to test for couple of bucks!

Choose wisely: Be sure to buy a multi-tasking paint that has a built in primer. It’s easy to clean and wash off fingerprints like a semi-gloss. (Some paints are even called “kids paint” and have built in detergent. Gotta love that!! And there’s one called “chalkboard paint”, which kids

will go bonkers over.)

And if you’re painting a bathroom or kitchen, select a paint that is mold and mildew resistant. For more info and to help pick the right paint for you, visit Benjamin Moore.


Add orchid accessories like pillows, and throws to your couches, chairs and bedding. A print to hang on the wall is also a terrific way to bring in the color. Radiant Orchid is also a terrific accent color to subtle colors like beige and grey or deeper hues like teal and yellows. All are relatively inexpensive ways to be on trend without doing anything drastic that you may grow tired of in a few months.

Avoid too much texture.

Fuzzy fabrics can harbor dust mites, so opt for those that are smooth and have fewer embellishments.

Mani-friendly by design: Look for fabrics that have designs, since they will also camouflage stains.

Check the label: Buy machine washable pillows and throws.

Fake it: Fake flowers are another easy addition.

Radiant orchid