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Charity fashion shows and opera on the Suncoast Scene : April 21- 23

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Verdi's back in town. Gloria Musicae presents Verdi's Requiem Sunday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. at the Sarsaota Opera House .

"Everything in "Requiem" is a top 10 hit,' says Joseph Holt, artistic director of Gloria Musicae. "A lot of people recognize the music that comes from it . We are presenting this with the Sarasota Orchestra, the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay and four extraordinary solo artists from around the country."

One of those soloists is Mezzo Soprano Robyn Rocklein. She has performed Verdi's Requiem many times.

"He brings to life some of the most exciting parts of Revelations and the Biblical text," says Rockelin. "He does it, for example in ways like, when the trumpets scatter in the final segment, you can hear the trumpets scattering all around the theatre, it's just a thrill."

Another great event this weekend is "Jazz in the Ball Park".

The Sarasota Jazz Project Big Band will take the field.

" You are going to hear an evening of great big band jazz which celebrates the history of big band jazz through the decades," says George McLain, Leader of the Jazz Project Big Band.

You will hear some of your favorites and they are also featuring some great guest performers.

"Our featured act will be music of the Andrews Sisters. It will be performed by Michele Prime and her trio, that goes by the name of the "Swing Sisters, " says McLain.

And now that their spring training is over, the Orioles welcome other forms of entertainment on their field. Jazz in the Ballpark is Saturday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Ed Smith Stadium.

And if you'd like to help the needy in our community , you can do it and have a great time too. The ladies at St. Martha's Catholic Church are reaching out a hand to help people who are suffering by holding a fundraising fashion show called "Crumpets and Tea".

"We are going to start the fashion show off with casual outfits, then dressy casual , then party wear and formal wear, " says Sabrena Gibson.

They are showing fabulous outfits you'll find right here on the Suncoast, supplied by Liliya Kenz.

Kenz is also in the fashion show.

"I am wearing what the models will be wearing. Bridal wear, outfits worn by Hollywood stars and Miss America Contestants, Bridal wear, and high fashion as well," says Kenz.