"Care 2 Tri" helps Individuals with Disabilities compete in the Venice Triathilon

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  Greg Simony started "Care 2 Tri" 4 years ago. He competes  in Triathlons around  the country, pushing or pulling disabled individuals along with him, to give them the joy of the race,

12 year old Booker Middle School student Seth Morano will accompany Greg in the Bike part of the race on Sunday.  Seth says he'll be coaching Greg along, saying "Faster Greg, Faster."

Seth says he loves to compete in these triathlons because it makes him feel like a part of the community, like an athlete, and he feels accepted by everyone and not pushed aside to the sidelines.

Stephanie Rodriguez is Vice President of "Care 2 Tri" she says the mission of the organization is to include and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, and to bring a positive light into their lives.

Greg and Seth will compete in the 5 k race in Venice tonight and the Triathlon on Sunday.