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Suncoast's Amazing Woman: Queen Mecca Asia

There are many amazing women here on the Suncoast, some are born here and others are transplants.

Queen Mecca Asia Zabriskie grew up in the Bronx.

"As a child I danced a lot and I was stepping," says Zabriskie. "I was a part of a stepping and African dance troop at my junior high school."

She and her mother decided she would go away to high school.

"I was accepted into a program called a better chance and I went away to high school at Wesley High School in Wesley, Massachusetts ."

There she became a leader academically and socially and headed to Duke University after graduation.

"At Duke, I was able to go to Ghana, following summer in Cuba."

She was still dancing.

Ronald K. Brown selected a piece called, "Common Ground," also performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

For graduate study, she went to Northwestern.

"I applied wanting to study race and education, a number of amazing in between getting accepted and showing up up my interests shifted and I wanted to go into dance."

Then she discovered a way to combine her passions in a field called the 'sociality of dance.' It was through dance that she met her husband.

"We met in his uncles dance class, he had a beautiful smile."

As she prepared for the wedding she was on the national television show, "Say Yes to The Dress." And now they have a 20 month-old son and she's an assistant professor of sociology at New College.

"I teach social inequality race, class gender and equality. I teach a black feminist thought class."

And her life lesson?

For me stay I engaged find people to collaborate with and using those sort of communities as a way to change any kind of situation you find yourself in."

Mecca Asia has also written this book, "Black Life is Black Theatre", and she has another book in the works.