Amazing Women of the Suncoast: Sally Hille

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SARASOTA, Fla. - 93-year-old  Sally Hille's podcast for WMOA 1490 Am in Marietta, West Virginia, originates from her Nokomis home 6 months a year.

She does a weekly show at 10:35 AM Sundays called "Good News for Seniors".  She says when she hit 90, she realized there was nothing on the air for older seniors. She said everything was for baby boomers.

So she went on the air 3 years ago with this show and it's been a real hit.

Sally started in radio back when she was in college. She was working at a radio station part time, and anxious to get on the air. Finally, an announcer allowed her to do the commercial break, and when her boss found out he was furious. He said, "The public will never accept female voices on the air".

But Sally wasn't deterred, In the 1960s she became the first woman announcer on radio in West Virginia. Her interview shows were so popular her radio station agreed to run a line to her house so she could broadcast from home. But the only place they could get a good signal was from the bathroom. So that's where she did her shows. Being careful that no one in her family flushed while she was on the air. She had married her husband when he was a young medical student and she says he went on to become the best doctor in the world. They had 2 children, 5 grand children and two great grandchildren. She retired when her first grandchild was born, but 30 years later decided it was time to go back to the work she loved.

She says the secret of a long and happy life is to find something you love, and work at it, keep busy and never say anything unkind about anybody.