Amazing Women of the Suncoast: April Glasco

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SARASOTA, Fla. - April Glascow says Dr. Martin Luther King inspired her, even in the worst of circumstances, to stand tall and strong and go after her dream. And to use all the bad things that happened to her to help others.

That's why she founded Second Chance, Last Opportunity.

April Glasco was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. Her parents were in the ministry. When she was 15, her father's ministry brought the family to Sarasota. "I graduated from Sarasota, then got married. I started college at Manatee County College."

And suddenly her life took a downward plunge. “The abuse started, and from being in an abusive relationship, I became a corrections officer."

She worked as Deputy Sheriff, at Manatee Glens, and with juvenile detention. "I was detention care work…teaching youth to take ownership of their own situations.”

She opened a convenience store in Newtown. Then one day she was rushed to the hospital desperately ill. "I made it in time, but that's where Second Chance was born."

She felt she was given a second chance at life, so she started Second Chance, Last Opportunity to give others the same second chance. “Second Chance is about life management to save, how to budget, how to have positive attitude."

It was a subject she knew well. "All I went through in being in abusive relationships, single parent, homeless…I wanted to teach how not to be those things that I was."

She found a huge need for her program. The years passed, and the awards poured in. Her 4 daughters made her proud. She helped thousands get their lives on track. She has even written a book about her experiences. “I turned my bad experiences to positive experiences, and I learned when someone criticizes me, it's just another level in life for me to learn from that criticism."

April just received her Master’s Degree. She's writing another book, and Second Chance, Last Opportunity will celebrate its 19th anniversary in April. She has served over 10,000 clients over the years.