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Amazing Woman of the Suncoast: Judy Pirkey

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Judy Pirkey grew up in New Jersey and worked at the famous steel pier . Then she was off to college.

"I actually went into pre-med and I got married and had kids and became a nurse and then went into radio therapy."

She started studying pottery, but life intervened.

"I ended up in New York renovating brownstones."

Her interest in art grew and eventually she moved to Florida.

"And bought a place on Siesta Key and renovated that and then another and another one."

When the real estate down turn came, she went back to her pottery.

"Think it's the ultimate expression of my life."

She has a studio where she works and teaches. And after being divorced for 25 years, Judy recently met her Prince Charming.

"I've learned to go for it," says Pirkey. "Not only did I recently get married, but I recently finished treatment for breast cancer. All of that just tells me life is better and more precious and while you're there, take advantage of everything."