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Amazing Woman of the Suncoast: Dorothy Sherwood

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89 year-old Dorothy Sherwood has found her happy place. It's brush in hand and standing at an easel. Her paintings are stacked and ready to go for her first solo art show.

Dorothy was born and raised in Baltimore. She attended the Maryland Institute of Fine Arts.

"I went there for four years. I won the highest prize which meant another free year and I started painting children's portraits in pastel."

She got married and had four children; but, happily ever after was not to be.

"My husband died when he was 39 and so i went to school to learn to type and take shorthand and I joined the workplace."

And 25 years later, she began to dream of retiring and to her surprise, she found true love.

"I met Donald Sherwood and we moved here and indeed I did retire."

She was 65. He a few years older. She took art course after art course all over the Suncoast then around the country.

"And everything was going fine and then my husband died."

That was four years ago.

"I went into a funk, I read a lot of mysteries and did a lot of jigsaw puzzles."

But finally, she pulled herself out of it. Now Sherwood is preparing to do a solo show of her art at the Venice Art Center. Life is good. She paints and keeps a busy schedule.

And her life lesson?

"Keep a focus, keep your chin and keep on going."