Amazing Women of the Suncoast: Wendylee Goldberg

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Wendylee Goldberg says she was an out of work interior designer, the single mother of 4 children, when she spotted a dilapidated little cottage along Fruitville Road.

She immediately pictured it as a Breakfast House. Everybody told her she was crazy. It was in a bad neighborhood, a lot of crime and homeless people near by. And she knew nothing about running a restaurant.

But she persuaded the owner to rent it to her, and let her fix it up with her own money. She used every penny she had, even went on food stamps, but when the Breakfast House opened 4 years ago it was an instant success. Since then she's opened a second Breakfast house in Nokomis and is working on opening a 3rd near University Parkway.

She has given a lot of the homeless people in her neighborhood jobs and helped them get back on their feet. For those she can't hire, she gives a free meal when they are in need.  The success of the Breakfast House spread to the cottages around it. They have now been remodeled and the whole area turned into a village of individually owned shops. It's now a safe, welcoming attractive neighborhood.

Wendylee Goldberg is truly an "Amazing Woman".