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A Place We Call Home: The Hermitage Artist Retreat

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The Hermitage is an artists retreat at the edge of the gulf on Manasota Beach.

"The Hermitage brings writers, poets, composers, painters and individual artists come here from around the world to this magnificent space to do their work."

Five artists are here at a time. They spend six weeks and the only thing they have to pay for are their travel expenses. The Hermitage pays for everything else through donations. Artists can't apply to come here. They must be chosen by a national committee.

The Hermitage is made up of five historic buildings with very comfortable living facilities for the artists and studio spaces big and small. To meet their needs, the beach and the gulf are at their doorstep with stunning views from every window. Artists are inspired.

The retreat first opened up in 2005. It was the idea of Patricia Caswell, director of the Sarasota Arts Council at the time. The arts council restored the historic buildings on the site. This one was originally built in 1907.