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A Place We Call Home: Samoset

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Carol Fenzl has lived in Samoset for 18 years.

"I chose Samoset because of the camp here number one, close to work number 2 and it's two minutes to anywhere."

Samoset was founded in 1902.

"And it was named after an Indian who was one of the Indians that helped the pilgrims at Plymouth survive."

When the railroad came through, the settlement grew up around it. Homes were built and jobs were available.

Samoset Elementary School and Southeast High School are in the neighborhood. They attract young families. The average age is 38.

These are some of the many things that brought life-long Bradenton resident Taura Denis and her family to Samoset.

"I choose it for accessibility. I work ten minutes from home, my family is ten minutes from home for me."

Taura helped launched the Samoset Neighborhood Association in May of this year.

"Samoset has a lot of improvements that need to be done; drainage street lights, , sidewalks flooding. There's been a lot of crime recently, so there are a lot of little small things we want to get done."

And they will get those things done by working together.