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A Place We Call Home: Palm View

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The Meede family, headed by Frank Meede Sr., settled in Palm View more than a century ago. He came from Kansas.

"He had eight kids but when he had four, he put them all on a train in Kansas, went to Panama City Beach, bought a sail board, sailed across part of the Gulf of Mexico, didn't know how to sail but he came across there."

And finally settled here because of the school nearby.

"They built right here on this property. There was a two-story cypress, tin-roof house. Across the road on the bay was a two-story fish house.

Louise Cummings moved next door with her family when she five.

Both she and Dick attended Palm View Elementary. But that's not the original school; its been rebuilt several times.

There are two churches in Palm View and a cemetery. A much older cemetery has mostly disappeared. Nearby is a marina and the neighbors are friendly.