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A Place We Call Home: First United Methodist Church

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This is a replica of the first church built in the village of Sarasota. Twelve people organized this Methodist church in 1891. William Blakeley Tresca was the first pastor. The building was completed in 1893; other denominations also used it.

"The Baptists also met there as did the Episcopalians and so we shared our space with them. The mayor was first elected there in that church building."

In 1911, the church moved to its current location. Sarasota grew rapidly in the early 1900s especially after World War II. And the Methodists outgrew their church.

"They couldn't even meet in the sanctuary, they were meeting in the local auditorium."

In 1914, they built a new church people referred to as the Greek Temple because of it's columns. In 1924, they got one of the areas' first pipe organs. The church continued to grow even during the Depression and financial downturns.

The church's current building, that seats 1,200 people was completed in 1955. The church built a renowned music program that gave birth to other programs. its right in the heart of Sarasota's cultural district and offers two popular community music programs.