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A Place We Call Home: Braden River

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Here at the mouth of the Braden River, the first settlers built their homes.

"A doctor, Joseph Braden, settled on the point of the river where it joins the Manatee River, we're on the north end of the Braden River right at it's mouth."

Soon other settlers arrived and built on the opposite side of the river.

"There was a large sugar plantation on the river."

There was also a lot of logging.

"So they decided they needed a train to bring the logs into the saw mills. They dredged this part of the river so they could carry the lumber out."

The lake called Evers Reservoir is where Bradenton gets its water. Some famous people have lived along the river. Caruso Road is named after the inventor of Lionel Trains.

"He was an Italian immigrant that came to New York City at the turn of the century and met Lionel and they were a wonderful combination because Lionel miniature trains."

Caruso owned 4,500 acres ranch in the area. As Carole did research for her book, she became worried that the natural Florida landscape is being destroyed by developers.

Then she found this neighborhood.

"Every house in here was designed by Joseph King, who is an architect developer and he wanted the houses to fit the natural surroundings."

And she found others as interested in preservation as she was.

"There are still people who care and pockets of Manatee county where people will preserve old Florida."