A Place We Call Home - Fallen Pine Miniature Horse Farm

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There are some amazing places here on the Suncoast that you may not have explored yet.

The Fallen Pine Miniature Horse Farm is home to 134 miniature horses.

Owner, Judy Middleton says," "Miniature horses measured at the last hair of their main are 34 inches and under. In the last few years we've started breeding Miniatures that are crossed with a Shetling Pony. They make wonderful Arabian looking horses."

She says the little horses love people.

"A miniature horse is like a big dog they will crawl in your lap, you get kissess, you get lots of affection from a miniature horse. Much more so than a big horse."

Judy says a miniature horse can do anything a big horse can do. She doesn't recommend riding them. But she says they are great cart horses.

"They learned to pull when they worked in the mines in England in the 15th and 16ths centuries. One good sized miniature hors ,30 to 34 inches tall, can pull a thousand pounds. "

Judy is a renowned breeder.

She says, "Al l of my stallions are no less than 2 times national champions. One is an 8 times the national champion, and one is 14 times a national champion. I do believe if you're going to raise something , you should raise a quality animal. "

A Four H Club group meets here, and the kids show the miniature horses. They bring home a lot of trophies.

Judy says, "They are very active all over the State of Florida showing. We go to Nationals every year . My kids are always in the top 10 in the nation."

And kids ages 4 to 14 come here for summer camp.

Judy says, "We do all sorts of activities. Anything the big horse does, riding in the horse cart, jumping, liberty halter, color ,you name it and we do it."

She says working with the little horses is a healing experience.

"I've had autistic kids, exceptional students, kids with different needs. Here we work with them> I also have 5 to 8 nursing homes a year that bring their people here to interact with the miniature horses."

It's a healing place for the horses too. This is where Sarasota Co. Animal Control brings abused or neglected miniature horses .

Judy says, "They are put here and we bring them back up to good health. They do come, some of them sad looking when they arrive, and we bring them back to good health and the kids work with them so they are real, real friendly when they leave us."

Fallen Pine is open to the public all you need to do is call ahead and make arrangements for a tour. Fallen Pine Farm, one of the many reasons the Suncoast is a great place to call home