In the Spotlight - The Show Folks Circus Celebrates it's 50th Anniversary

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Show Folks Circus celebrates half a century of great shows by making this the best one ever. They will celebrate their anniversary with shows December 8th and 9th at Robarts Arena. Show Folks Past President, and Co-Producer of this weekend's show, Dusty Sadler, says, "We have pulled out all the stops and we have assembled some of the greatest circus stars not only around the country, these are performers from all around the world."


Show Folks can get these performers because the organization was founded 50 years ago by Circus Stars like Carl Walenda and Bello Nock's Dad. They created Show Folks as a gathering place for performers when they came home to Sarasota.

Dusty says, "It was Carl Walenda's dream to create a unique cast of circus entertainers to perform for the citizens of Sarasota as way of giving back to the community, to show off our circus heritage."

And in this weekend's shows , as Dare Devil Clown Bello Nock makes you laugh while performing his death defying act, he'll rev it up a notch, to impress the famous circus performers, both past and present, who are in the audience. Super Stars Johnny Rockett and Tina the Galaxy Girl were also drawn here by Show folks. They say many of the members of Show Folks were their circus idols when they were growing up.

Johnny says, "Tina and I are usually headliners in any show we go to. Bello Nock is a headliner. Usually a show can only afford to have one of those acts. But the Show Folks Circus consists of nothing but headliners."

Johnny Rockett and Tina do an act that involves a motorcycle raceway in the sky.

Johnny says, "It has a motorcycle at one end and on the other end is the aerial trapeze that the lovely Tina Winn does all her crazy stunts on."

Tina says, "I do stunts like hang by my neck and propel my self around, it's called a neck spin or a helicopter spin. And I hang by my toes.".

Alex Petrov and his wife will also be a part of the show. Alex brought one of his wife's ponies along. This one is named Champion. He and two other ponies do a routine called "The Liberty Act".

Alex does a motorcycle high wire act.

He says, "I ride the bike on the wire and a have a performer, a young girl who is underneath the motorcycle on the trapeze do tricks. And I also perform tricks"