Charges to be dropped for Manatee County school administrator

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BRADENTON, Fla. - One of the Manatee County School District administrators facing charges stemming from the Rod Frazier investigation may soon see those charges dropped.

Debra Horne's attorney, Derek Byrd, says the State Attorney's Office has agreed to dismiss the charges against Horne. In return, she will work 75 hours of community service.

Horne had been charged with Failing to Report Child Abuse.

Her attorney says the move comes with mixed emotions. "It literally is a contract that’s entered between her and the State Attorney's Office, where the state signs it saying ‘we agree to drop all charges against you’, and she signs it saying ‘I agree to do 75 hours of community service.’ So it’s a guaranteed dismissal. So it's a little bittersweet; on the one hand she wanted her day in court, we feel she's innocent and should have never been charged. And the other hand it is relieving to have the case dismissed,” says Byrd.

The three other administrators arrested last year for their role in the case against former Manatee High football coach Rod Frazier are set to be in court in the coming weeks.

Frazier is accused of inappropriately touching several students and staff members.

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