CF Industries is a global leader in fertilizer manufacturing and distribution, the second largest nitrogen fertilizer producer in the world and the third largest phosphate fertilizer producer among public companies. CF Industries owns and operates world-scale nitrogen and phosphate plants and serves agricultural and industrial customers through its best-in-class distribution system.

In 2010, CF Industries acquired Terra Industries Inc. Following this acquisition, CF Industries is positioned as a nitrogen bellwether in the global fertilizer industry and the premier nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer manufacturer in North America.

CF Industries operates the nation’s most recently constructed phosphate rock mine and ore beneficiation plant in Hardee County, Florida. The mine’s more than 22,000 acres of phosphate reserves should support approximately 23 years of mining at current operating rates of approximately 3.5 million tons of phosphate rock annually. Currently, 14 years of those reserves are fully permitted.

The Hardee County facility operates two large mining draglines, with a third scheduled to begin operations in 2010. The mining and beneficiation complex is laid out to maximize efficiency, minimizing the distance the slurried ore (the “matrix”) must be pumped from each dragline to the beneficiation plant. The plant upgrades the matrix, eliminating impurities such as sand and clay and producing phosphate rock.

The beneficiation plant ships that phosphate via unit train to the company’s phosphate fertilizer manufacturing complex in Plant City, Florida.

CF Industries and its people are actively involved in protecting the quality of our air and water. To learn more about some of these efforts, click on the links below.