Candidates win by default in Venice

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VENICE, FL - In many areas, today is election day. Not in Venice. For the second year in a row council members there face no challengers, so no need for the polls to open. The last five city council members have won be default.

It wasn't long ago that races in Venice saw a number of challengers. Growth issues and who knows who always a hot topic. Something has changed. It could be a number of reasons.

Current city council members could be doing a good job. Perhaps there simply are not big enough issues to rile people up. Maybe potential candidates just don't want to deal with the criticism. Local political activist John Patten has followed Venice politics for years. He says it's possible a combination has residents not interested. "The bulk of this town are people who have moved from other places. Their emotional, political, and social investment are still in the places that they raised their kids and sent them to school. They come down here and this is a secondary thing."

Venice Mayor John Holic didn't have to campaign for a second term. He's optimistic it's because the city is listening to residents concerns and acting. "I am hoping there was not opposition because people feel we are doing a good job."

We will have much more on this story coming up tonight on ABC 7. Including if pay has anything to do with it.